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Dawn Patrol

'The udder rules all... even Odds'

The Dawn Patrol is the band that started it all for the current Odds. It was made up of the four original members of Odds, Craig Northey, Steven Drake, Doug Elliott and Paul Brennan.

The band formed in the early '80's and they played at local Vancouver bars. They had a pretty big fan base and most of these fans spread the word through the rest of Canada as Odds came into existence and Dawn Patrol slided out of the picture.

Each member of Dawn Patrol had a pseudonym that they carried religiously. Craig was Don Feely, Steven was Don Science, Doug was Don Swinger and Paul was Don Icker.

Unfortunately, that is all the information that I currently have on Dawn Patrol. If you have any pictures or ideas I could add to this page, please feel free to e-mail me.